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This shit came from realization 

Realizing who your friends are who aren't

And thinking about where I came from, where I come from , what I'm built on and where I was built .. My whole entire make-up, How I was put together by whatever was around me from day one. And then adding that to realizing who your friends are to who aren't 


I honestly fuck with people who are themselves. If you just happy being you .. You forever good with me, and thats how I always lived. 


Came across a lot of friends .. New friends , old friends, Childhood friends,  friends I don’t talk to anymore, friends I had falling outs with, gamers, weirdos, basketball. Friends I don’t talk to often but when we link up we pick right back up where we left off and friends that still here to this day. 


This right here is for them , all of them … For the ones I grew up with, the ones that I'm with now, and the ones that I don’t talk to anymore . Just know I don’t have hate for any of y’all … Because at one time it was All Love.


This right here is Never fabricated , Never added on , Never for the masses

- KeefLee


"I make shit for my niggas and niggas like us"

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