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"Fck The Refs" in other words 
Fck the Rules that Oppress & Play by the ones that protect !! Our society and system we live in is designed to keep us in a life of hardships. Only way to get out is to fight that mentality and fight to better your circumstance. The refs stand for the system and rules designed to trap your mind. Life is Short , break the rules.

Our brand is built on nostalgia. The old Bullets logo and Biggie verse brings on exactly that along with playing right into the concept.

Fist fights and lame scuffles is a metaphor for the society and mindsets that keep us trapped. It's bullshit, so fck them, we gon bring more firepower to that fight to overcome.

We not really the kumbaya type but we support empowerment .. i think the message gets received better when it's raw and uncut ..

If you wear a Large, a medium will fit.
But if you prefer a bigger fit choose XL.

FckThaRefs Winter Down Jacket

$100.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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